Tech Majors at Mason

The George Mason University College of Engineering and Computing delivers a transformative learning experience to its students by integrating engineering and technology with other areas of scholarship. We produce visionary stewards of society who are prepared to discover solutions to complex global challenges and make the world safer, cleaner, and more prosperous. A faculty of engaged educators lead high-impact research in critical areas, including computing, big data, cybersecurity, robotics and artificial intelligence, and healthcare technology. These existing and emerging areas of expertise span departmental and disciplinary boundaries and reflect the breadth of the scholarly activities of our faculty and students.

The program prepares students to solve complex, multidisciplinary, and global challenges by leveraging innovative learning tools, the inventive capacity of our region, and Mason’s global presence. The faculty and administration support the needs of the 21st century learner by providing multiple paths to success, a diverse and inclusive academic community, and real-time integration of new data and technology in the classroom.

Computer Science Major

The Computer Science Department offers two Bachelor of Science degrees: the B.S. in Computer Science and the interdisciplinary B.S. in Applied Computer Science. Students pursuing the B.S. in Applied Computer Science degree select one of four concentrations: Bioinformatics, Computer Game Design, Geography, or Software Engineering. Learn more about the Mason Computer Science major here.

Computer Science Minor

George Mason University Computer Science Minor

The Department also offers two minors: Computer Science and Software Engineering. These minors are for students pursuing other undergraduate degree programs, as well as an Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Science for students who possess an undergraduate degree in a technical (science or engineering) field but lack a formal credential in the computer science field. Learn more about Mason Computer Science minors here.

Information Technology

The Department of Information Sciences and Technology offers one of the most popular degrees at Mason – the B.S. in Information Technology – and is a unique program not only at Mason but also across the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this degree program, students are prepared to address one of the greatest challenges facing society – how to derive actionable insights from the vast reservoirs of information and data available to us. The B.S. in IT prepares students to apply IT to support business processes. The degree produces graduates with strong problem-solving, writing, and communication skills who successfully compete for technical employment and are prepared for advanced study. Learn more about the Mason Information Technology major here.