Tech Majors at UMD

Break Through Tech DC at UMD is housed in the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing (I4C). We are committed to making computing inclusive and accessible for all.

There are many ways to study computing at UMD. Explore all computing majors with this guide from the UMD Student Success Office

Not sure which major to choose?
  • Take our 3-credit course, CMSC 125: Introduction to Computing and spend the semester exploring computing majors at UMD and tech careers while getting experience with computing concepts and hands-on coding. 
  • Are you already taking CMSC 131, INST 126, or another computing course? Add the 1-credit course, CMSC 100/INST 101: Bits and Bytes of Computer and Information Sciences, to your schedule and explore the different computing majors at UMD while learning more about the university. 

Break Through Tech DC at UMD supports the following computing majors: 

Computer Science Major

Computer scientists develop and design tech solutions to real-world problems. At UMD, computer science majors gain the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in this rapidly changing field and pursue careers in industry, academia, government, and entrepreneurial ventures. Students can specialize in data science, machine learning, or cybersecurity. UMD graduates in this high-demand, lucrative profession use tech creatively and effectively across fields to impact every aspect of society. Learn more about the UMD Computer Science major.

Computer Science Minor

The Computer Science minor gives students a strong foundation in problem-solving methods involving computers and computation and provides a good base of knowledge that will help students adapt to future changes in technology. It is also designed to complement and enhance any student’s major program of study. Learn more about the UMD Computer Science minor. 

Geographical Science Major

GEOG students apply the latest computer technology to urgent real-world environmental and social issues. Students get computer training in digital processing of remote sensing observations and cartographic vector data, spatial analysis, and the display of information in GIS software. Learn more about the UMD Geographical Science major. 

Immersive Media Design Major

The Immersive Media Design major is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to create immersive and interactive experiences using emerging technologies like augmented and virtual reality, projected displays, and audio and tactile platforms. Applications range from the visual and performing arts, entertainment, data visualization, medical training and procedures to engineering design and robotics, education, marketing, and communications. Immersive media students integrate artistic and technical skills in teams to design and implement complex media experiences. Learn more about the UMD Immersive Media Design major

Information Science Major

Building information systems, managing information resources, and designing interfaces are just a few of the things that Information Science majors “do”—but what motivates them is addressing the challenges of bringing together diverse groups of people, complex collections of information, and powerful technologies to create solutions to problems that make the world “work better.” Through coursework, internships, and networking, students will build a career that places them in leadership roles in information management, information technology, user-centered design, web/mobile development, cybersecurity, or data analytics. Learn more about the UMD Information Science major.

Information Systems Major

IS students focus on the role of information systems within broad topics of economics, behavioral and social issues, marketing, and healthcare. Get hands-on experience managing dynamic technology projects and gain system design and implementation skills (including database and web design, analytical skills for information technology and performance evaluation, and more). Learn more about the UMD Information Systems major

Social Data Science Major

Social data science encompasses all elements of the data life cycle – and understanding data science is becoming increasingly important in a variety of fields as data sets grow larger and larger. This major teaches vital technical skills in the field of data science, combined with methods for understanding data, empowering you to effectively analyze and process datasets to derive insights. Learn more about the UMD Social Data Science major.

Technology and Information Design Major

InfoDesign students learn how to frame important problems at the intersection of people and information – designing solutions for those problems that they go on to activate. Students participate in hands-on studio and laboratory classes in user-centered design, technology development, problem-solving and cross-disciplinary communication. Learn more about the UMD Technology and Information Design major.